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Manual Control Panel

 The Cygnus Manual Control Panel brings the spontaneity of manual theater control to the UTCS. The Cygnus consists of a traditional set of high quality controls to provide the operator with a comfortable presentation environment. Indicator lights communicate system status information as well as provide appropriate control illumination.

Each Cygnus is composed of one or more control panel sections connected to a brain. The brain continuously scans all panel controls. Any actuation is converted to an associated computer command and sent to the appropriate projector controller. Due to this unique design, almost any control actuation can be programmed to initiate any practically any command on any device attached to the system.

The Cygnus can be used in place of the Hercules in a non-automated environment. However, it is the combination of the Hercules and the Cygnus that offers the most power and flexibility to any presentation system. The Cygnus can be used to add effects to automated presentations. It can even override the Hercules automation in a device-by-device manner, if necessary.

The Cygnus 12B module provides controls for twelve devices such as slide projectors or special effects. Each device control cluster is made up of five buttons. The Auto/Man button toggles the cluster between automatic and manual control. Two buttons command the lamp to fade up or down. Two more buttons can control functions such as tray forward and reverse for slide projectors, motion functions for special effects, and bank selection for Dubhe units. Of course, these buttons can be programmed to do other things if desired. The Cygnus 12B is 19" wide and 5.25" high, and is designed to be mounted in a standard 19" rack system.

The Cygnus EX includes all of the controls of the Cygnus 12B, along with controls for a slue-zoom and house lights. An LCD display can keep track of the current show time. Additional controls can place the entire system in manual or automatic mode, and even reset the entire system, if desired. The Cygnus EX is 19" wide and 10.5" high; and is designed for a standard 19" rack system.

Multiple Cygnus modules can be combined to provide larger numbers of controls. Other control modules can be developed upon request. Future viability of the product is ensured due to the ability of the Cygnus to accept software upgrades from the host computer by means of the communications network serial port.

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