Product Manuals



Universal Theater Control System -

UTCS Introduction and Installation

Computer Control -

Hercules Central Processor, Configuration File, and Software

Manual Control -

Cygnus EX Manual Control System

Cygnus 8PD Manual Control Unit

Cygnus 8PC Manual Control Unit

Time Code Control -

Aquila Time Code Controller used with UTCS

Aquila Time Code Controller used alone or with other applications

MegAquila Time Code Controller used with movie projectors

Traditional Projector/ Device Control -

Gemini General Purpose Controller

Castor Slide Projector Interface

Pollux Special Effects Controller Interface

Break Out Box (BOB)

Dubhe II Special Effects Controller

Dubhe IV Special Effects Controller

Video Control -

Virgo Video Device Controller

Virgo Video Fader/ Switcher

Cove Light Control -

Basic Pleiades Cove Light Controller

Advanced Pleiades Cove Light Controller

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