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Central Processor

The Hercules Central Processor is the brain and command center for the Universal Theater Control System. It provides the user with a friendly and efficient environment to create, edit and play back powerful presentations. With the correct selection of control units such as the Gemini, Virgo, and Aquila, a powerful control system can be created to match your presentation needs at a minimum cost. Designed for ease of production and accuracy of presentation, this system offers the precision and flexibility of a microprocessor based control system with the simplicity of total keyboard operation and provides the power to control a virtually unlimited type and number of presentation devices.

      Enjoy a single, user friendly environment for show creation, editing and playback.

•       Each device has a user defined name that can be changed at any time.

•       Devices can be addressed individually, or in user defined matrices or groups.

•       The Hercules supports off-line programming, away from the presentation area.

•      Time code compatibility offers the ultimate in ease and precision in synchronizing the show.

•      On screen status display tracks devices as they execute the commands.

•      Program Following allows random access into show segments.

•       Command resolution of 0.01 seconds satisfies the most demanding presentation needs.

•       Create complex visual scenes with up to 8 simultaneous but independent looping events.

Each Hercules Central Processor is composed of a hardware interface card as well as a software package specially designed for this purpose. Hercules units are available for MS-DOS computer systems.

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