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 ECCS White Light Laser Projection Systems are designed to make planetarium laser displays more reliable, easier to use, and more enjoyable for the audience. The system utilizes the latest technology to provide superb performance, with vibrant, brilliant colors and noiseless, virtually flicker-free image reproduction at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

Brilliant Colors - LEXEL ColorPro Lasers provide a truly balanced color mix.

Large, Complex ImagesCAMBRIDGE TECHNOLOGY scanners provide high speed and a large scan angle.

 Maintenance Free - NEOS Polychromatic A/O simplifies the optical path and eliminates convergence problems.

 Standardized Show PlaybackALESIS ADAT supports the ADAT show storage standard.

 Turnkey Operation - ECCS system installation and integration supports 'push-and-play' operation.

Any ECCS White Light Laser Projector can be composed of one to three graphic scanning heads and a variety of diffraction and lumia effects wheels. The exact makeup of each projector can be tailored to suit individual needs. The projector, while designed to be optimally compatible with the ADAT show storage standard, can be used with any image storage system and/or any laser graphics creation workstation.


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The White Light Single Channel Playback System, or WLP1, is an excellent 'basic' system for displaying laser graphics. The WLP1 includes everything necessary for 'pushbutton playback' of prerecorded laser shows or graphics. The system is comprised of the following:

•       One LEXEL Model 88 (1 watt) or Model 95 (3 watt) ColorPro Kr/Ar Mixed Gas Laser. Either of these high reliability lasers produce an even mix (to the human eye) of red, green and blue light to provide a stunning color palette for laser graphics displays.

•       One standard ECCS Optical Bench with all optical components to provide 1 state-of-the-art graphics scanning channel. This includes:

a) One pair of Cambridge 6800 high speed, wide angle optical scanners.

b) One NEOS 8 channel Poly-A/O for high speed color selection and blanking.

c) All optical components to meet CDRH regulations.

d) An integral laser mounting rail to assure correct laser system alignment at all times.

•       One ALESIS ADAT Digital Multitrack Recorder, modified to allow direct laser graphics storage and playback in the ADAT standard format. This format has been adopted by many producers of laser shows to facilitate the interchange of laser show material.

•       One ECCS Laser Knob Box to provide electronics for the following:

a) User controls allow the image size and location to be adjusted for particular show or venue requirements.

b) Signal Processing circuitry provides for the correct playback of show material created for older display systems. (A unique ECCS feature!).

c) Automatic shuttering circuitry eliminates stray light between laser segments. (Another exclusive ECCS feature).

d) Master Reset circuitry to meet CDRH requirements.

For in-house creation of laser graphics or shows, consider adding the SCS, or Show Creation System. The SCS provides the most powerful and most user-friendly laser graphics creation tools available in the industry today for digitizing, scripting, and synchronizing laser images. The SCS includes the following:

•       LaserShow Designer For Windows by Pangolin Laser Software, the top of the line hardware/software laser graphics systems.

•       A compatible computer system.

•       A graphics tablet for image digitizing.

•       A SMPTE time code synchronizing interface.

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