R. A. Gray MC10 Protocol Translator
And Automation Conversion Package

 The MC10PT R. A. Gray MC10 Protocol Translator and Automation Conversion Package is designed as a direct replacement for the control computer and user interface of the R. A. Gray MC10A Media Control and Automation System. It provides a single, easy to use environment for show creation, editing and playback. It eliminates the time-consuming compile phase of MC10 programming and provides instant gratification for the show producer, as changes made to a show file are immediately visible on the dome. In addition, the new interface provides real time device control of the equipment including lamp fades from the keyboard without running the automation. Because the conversion package is fully compatible with the Universal Theater Control System, or UTCS, future expansion by means of ECCS control equipment can be very cost effective and seamless.

•       Use a single, user-friendly environment for show creation, editing and playback.

•      Bypass the compile phase and see show edits immediately.

•       Enjoy Real Time device control from the keyboard, including lamp fades.

•      Full compatibility with ECCS equipment allows cost effective and seamless expansion.

The MC10PT includes the Hercules Central Processor hardware and software package as the user interface for theater control, an Aquila Time Code Controller to provide SMPTE time code synchronization capability for automated shows, and an MC10 Protocol Translator. The Protocol Translator is an intelligent control unit designed to convert ECCS computer commands from the either the Hercules Central Processor or the Cygnus Manual Panel to low voltage control signals that are 100% compatible with MC10A Computer Device Interface, or CDI.

ECCS software support for most MC10 device types insure that existing MC10 manual controls and interfaces for slide projectors, special effects, slue zooms and switch banks can be maintained while adding the programming ease and expansibility of the ECCS UTCS. Also included with the package is a show file conversion service that can insure that your most important shows can be converted to the UTCS format, preventing the need to reprogram the presentations.




 R. A. Gray MC10 Protocol Translator
And Automation Conversion Package




  • Hercules Central Processor hardware and software package for user interface.
  • Commplete MS-DOS compatible computer system for the Hercules.
  • Aquila Time Code Controller for automated show synchronization.
  • MC10 Protocol Translator for MC10/Hercules interface.
  • Conversion of up to 20 shows from MC10 format to Hercules format.
  • Complete turnkey installation.

 MC10 Protocol Translator Specifications


Rack mount enclosure: 19.00" wide x 3.5" high x 11.50"deep.


Selectable 100-120 VAC / 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hertz, 10 Watts max.


16 characters x 2 line LCD display with backlight.


SET/NEXT/PREV to set MC10PT configuration.


One RS-485 full duplex multi-drop for connection to the UTCS communication line, two connectors allow multiple device daisy chain.

MC10 INTERFACE:                           

One 37-pin ribbon cable provides parallel interface compatible with MC10 Computer Device Interface and attaches to the MC10 IC16 racks. All existing MC10 device interfaces and manual controls remain connected and fully functional.


DB-9 male and DB-9 female for UTCS system communication network.

DB-37 female for connection to MC10 IC16 equipment rack.

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