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Cove Lighting System

The Pleiades Cove Lighting System offers a cost effective solution for providing both traditional cove light benefits as well as exciting and unique cove light special effects. The standard RGB system uses readily available and low cost lamps of red, green and blue to provide the light source. The chromaticity provided by this selection of lamps enables the Pleiades to wash your dome with virtually any color of light.

Each color bank can be operated in a traditional full dome manner either from the included manual control or from commands issued from the Hercules Central Processor. Either way, microprocessor based controls provide cove light fade durations from zero to 999 seconds in one second intervals, from any level to any of 100 light levels.

Unlike other lighting systems, the Pleiades Cove Lighting System can also create exciting effects. Each color bank is divided into 64 independent channels of lighting control. In addition, each color bank controller can use these channels to generate four different effects simultaneously. This means that up to twelve different effects can be occurring at the same time!

Each effect has five basic programmable variables to provide a virtually unlimited variety of excitement. The effect pattern variable defines the origin and direction of the effect, while the bulb pattern variable sets the on/off bulb ratio. The effect rate, effect brightness and effect fade rate are totally definable. 

The wide variety of effects available using the basic variables include all kinds of chases for lighthearted moods, light wipes or curtains to introduce panoramas or other visuals, and even chaotic random effects for explosions, meteor strikes, or other energetic uses. 

The Pleiades also allows the show programmer to access each lamp individually. This provides the capability to simulate sunrise and sunset glows for different times of the year, as well as build customized effects. 

While the Pleiades Cove Light System is usually supplied as a complete turnkey installed lighting and effects system, an economy system is available that provides a basic lighting system without the effects. This basic system can even be easily expanded at a later date to include the effects.


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