System Overview

 The Universal Theater Control System, or UTCS, is a full-featured presentation control system capable of operating almost any device that might exist in a planetarium environment. Slide projectors, special effects, videotape and disk players, cove, room and stage lighting, and even star machines can be easily controlled with the system. With the UTCS, your theater can be operated by means of conventional manual controls, total automation, or a combination of the two!

 Riding the crest of the current wave of micro controller technology, the Universal Theater Control System matches high-end control system performance and reliability with affordable prices. Low cost intelligent controllers, such as the Gemini, Virgo or Aquila operate individual devices through modular interfaces such as the Castor, Pollux or Dubhe. The intelligent controllers are connected by means of a high-speed communication network, which is overseen, by the Cygnus Manual Control Panel, the Hercules Central Processor host computer, or both.

 The UTCS architecture leads to a system, which is both powerful and flexible, unlike conventional 'hard-wired' systems. Reduced system hardware increases reliability and decreases cost. The programming interface is specially designed with programming speed and flexibility in mind. Modular hardware and field upgradeable software allow systems to start small and grow. All of these factors combine to make the Universal Theater Control System the most reliable and cost effective system available.


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