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Video Device Controller

The Virgo Video Device Controller is an intelligent control unit designed to handle a wide variety of devices used for video presentations. Video projectors, laser disk players, video tape recorders and video matrix switchers are only a few of the devices that can be controlled by this versatile unit.

The Virgo employs the latest in microprocessor technology to give the user complete and accurate control of video devices. Control capabilities for the most commonly utilized devices include the following:

  • Video Projectors - Source selection; picture attributes; and video muting

  • Laser Disk Players - Frame accurate disk searches along with the common functions of Stop, Play, Step, Still, etc.

  • Video Tape Recorders - Frame accurate tape searches, along with the common functions of Stop, Play, etc.

  • Video Matrix Switchers - Input and output source selection

Each Virgo can control up to four video devices by means of industry standard serial communications ports. Each of the four control ports can be user defined to handle any compatible video device, including most popular RS-232 and RS-422 compatible units.

 As an added bonus, the Virgo is also capable of controlling non-video devices such as Kodak Ektapro slide projectors and certain digital audio machines such as the Fostex D-108 or RD-8. Virtually any device that uses serial communications for control purposes can be handled with the addition of the correct software driver.

 Like the Gemini, the Virgo receives commands from either the Hercules Central Processor or the Cygnus Manual Panel, and generates the correct control sequences for the video devices.

 Future viability of the product is ensured due to the ability of the Virgo to accept software upgrades from a host computer by means of the serial port.

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 Video Device Controller



MECHANICAL: Rack mount enclosure: 19.00" wide x 3.5" high x 11.50"deep.

ELECTRICAL: Selectable 100-120 VAC / 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hertz, 10 Watts max.

DISPLAY: 16 characters x 2 line LCD display with backlight.

CONTROLS:  SET/NEXT/PREV to set Virgo configuration.

MASTER SERIAL PORT: One RS485 full duplex multi-drop, two connectors allow multiple device daisy chain.

DEVICE CONTROL PORTS:  Four asynchronous serial ports, user definable for RS-232, (IBM compatible) or RS-422.  Two eight bit parallel ports, pin compatible with IBM printer ports.

CURRENT DEVICE COMPATIBILITY:                                   

  • Pioneer Laser Disk Players
  • Sony Laser Disk Players
  • Panasonic Laser Disk Players
  • Sony CVD-1000 VDeck Hi-8 V VCR/Fader/Switcher
  • Barco Video Projectors
  • Fostex RD-9 & D-108 Digital Multitrack Recorder
  • All RS-422 Compatible Professional Equipment
  •  Software drivers for more devices can be added.



  • DB-9 male and DB-9 female for system communication.
  • DB-9 male,  (4) for serial device control ports.
  • DB-25 female (2) for parallel ports


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